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Law No.1 for the year 2001
In the name of the People

The President

The People´s Assembly has enacted the following law and we have hereby issued it:

Article 1.

The Library of Alexandria is a public juridical person headquartered in the City of Alexandria, attached to the President of the Republic, and it is an Egyptian center of cultural radiance, a beacon for thought, culture and science, to encompass the product of the human mind in cultures old and new in all languages.

Article 2.

The Library comprises the Library, the Planetarium and the Conference Center and it is to have the following cultural and scientific institutions established within it:

International School for Information Studies (ISIS).
Center for Documentation and Research.
Science Museum.
Calligraphy Institute.
Manuscript Museum.
Center for the Preservation of Rare Books and Documents.
And other cultural or scientific institutions may be added or established by a decree of the President of the Republic, and the President of the republic shall by decree define the legal status of the institutions mentioned in this article.

Article 3.

The Library shall undertake all the activities that serve its mission, and shall undertake all actions related to so doing, of which:

Obtaining studies, books, periodicals, manuscripts, papyruses and other items that are related to the Egyptian civilization in its different periods, and related to the scientific, intellectual and cultural heritage of the countries of the world.

Collecting originals or copies of the manuscripts that represent the intellectual achievements of the Islamic and Arab World in ancient and modern languages.

Collecting materials connected to the biographies and achievements of eminent persons in the realms of thought, science, politics and religion throughout human history.

Undertaking studies connected to the historical, geographic, cultural and religious aspects of the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, Egypt and Alexandria more specifically.

Article 4.

The President of the Republic shall determine by decree the manner in which the Library shall be supervised and administered, and the manner in which its administrative and financial affairs shall be run, in a manner compatible with the nature of its activities and to enable it to achieve its mission, and this without being tied by the administrative regulations specified in any other law.

Article 5.

The resources of the Library shall be comprised of:

The allocations provided for it by the state.

The assistance, gifts, donations, bequests, and financial contributions form Egypt or abroad.

The loans that will be secured for its benefit.

The payments it shall receive for its services and the returns on the invested funds.

Any other sources that may be ascribed to the Library by the law.

Article 6.

The Library shall have an independent budget, and its financial year shall start with the financial year of the government´s budget and end with its ending.

And the Library shall have a separate account in the Central Bank of Egypt or in a commercial bank subject to the approval of the Minister of Finance, and it shall deposit in said account the proceeds of its resources, and the surpluses in that account will be carried forward from one financial year to the next.

Article 7.

Within the confines of its purposes, the Library and its affiliated bodies shall be exempt from general taxation of its surpluses and the revenues of its current activities, and from all duties for registration and declaration, and its imports of scientific materiel shall be exempt of custom taxes.

Article 8.

Presidential decree No.523 for 1988, establishing the General Organization for the Library of Alexandria, shall remain operative in all matters that do not contravene this law, until the Presidential decree mentioned in Article Four of this law shall be enacted.
Thereupon, all the assets, rights and obligations of the abolished organization shall revert to the Library.

Article 9.

This law shall be published in the Official Journal and shall enter into force the day following its publication.
Set the official seal of the State, and is to be executed as a law of the State.

Issued at the Presidency of the Republic on 17 Dhul Hijja 1421 AH, corresponding to 12 March 2001 AD.


Hosny Mubarak

[Published in the Official Journal on 17 Dhul Hijja 1421 AH, corresponding to 12 March 2001 AD, volume for year 44, issue 10 bis.].

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